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What we do

Lucky 13 (L:13) are a Devon based band throwing full frontal rock 'n' roll in your face from the get go. Just as it should be.  Fast paced, high energy, enthusiasm and attitude is unpractised but intentionally handed to the best seats in the house, you lot, the crowd, with a "take it or leave it" approach from the walk on music increasing by the second through every track played until termination time. We maintain the R&R lifestyle and we know full well you're gonna take it as nothing south of 100% is to L:13 acceptable and what you need in a band. What is played matched with how it's played and delivered will be nothing short of the best gig you have EVER seen from an unsigned let alone covers band.  None of the guys in the band proclaim to be reinventing the wheel as honestly, the band is not doing anything you've not heard on the radio, TV, social media or streaming channels or by mates chatting but, L:13 do it with more bollocks, less messing about and is 100% real. 10% more than anyone else on the scene! What you see is what you get and if it's not the attitude you require from a rock band then it's not a rock band you require.  

A bit about the band formally: Formed in 2015, Lucky 13 specialise in making a booked, unsigned, affordable rock band exactly what you deserve. 

We are: 

Ads - Lead Vocals 

Carl - Guitar (shared lead and rhythm) 

Scott - Guitar (shared lead and rhythm)

Si - Bass Guitar

Matt - Drums  

**Lucky 13 will NEVER employ a "Dep" musician, if the band cannot be made up of who you see above, it's not the band you want to book. We would rather turn down a gig than go out live with critical members missing**  

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Luck 13 -The band

The Singer

Ads is the only band member from the North! He has all the required credentials a front man requires and flaunts them from start to finish. 

"I love being the centre of attention! Show me a front man who doesn't and I'll show you a rubbish band"

The Guitarist

Carl , from Devon just like the rest of the band has the skill of some of the best signed guitarists.

"If your not trying new things out for the first time on stage you become stagnant, we aint that"

The Guitarist

Scott has been tasked with the intimate intro's of tracks such as "When The Sun Goes Down" and "Mr. Brightside" for his ease of technical abilities.

"You don't just ride tracks like that, you gotta grab it by the horns, if you don't, you come off, end of!"

The Bassist

Sy' is the latest addition to the band but don't let that distract you from realising how talented he is. He turns bass playing into an art form.

"some of the tracks we do are extremely  intricate. The people want to hear it done right and I'm not the one to disappoint"

The Drummer

Matt is the youngest Member of L:13 but the talent he brings throws his age out of the window.

"Hitting the skins is what I love doing and working with these boys on stage is a real buzz. It's rock 'n' roll , and it's great"


We do what we do because we love music, you can't go into this with any other view! Because we love it, you'll love it, if you love it, we love it even more. You can see what we mean but forget reading, come and listen!

Lucky 13 tour dates

The Half Moon (EX16 6LD)

Friday 01/03/2019

9pm - 11pm


Lansdowne (EX7 9LQ)

Saturday 09/03/2019

9pm - 11pm


Witheridge Sports Hall (EX16

Saturday 30/03/2019

9pm - 11pm


Kings Arms (EX4 1AA)

Saturday 20/04/2019

9pm - 11pm


The Lucombe Oak (EX4 1DG)

Saturday 06/07/2019

9pm - 11pm


Kings Arms (EX4 1AA)

Saturday 26/10/2019

9pm - 11pm


More tour dates will be added.

L:13 Playing your Venue?

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Kit and Crowd

Own PA

Full back line amps Including over 1000w front of house (Tops, Bass Bins and Monitor Speakers) 

Fully MIC'd gigs for venues which can accomodate only

Own Lights

2 sets of beat responsive LED's 

Own The Crowd

Once we have you where we want you, there is no escaping until the show is over! Even then you will want more.

From the critics

Rating 5/5 : Brilliant

If I could rate these boys more than 5 stars I would, absolutely cracking band, if you haven't seen them then you're missing out , cracking band, cracking lads , definitely one of the best if not the best local bands around.

Facebook reviews

From the critics

Rating 10/10 : Brilliant 

Lucky 13 @ Elmore Football Cub, Tiverton  

Seeing L13 is the full works! You don't sit and chat - you don't stand at the bar and chat. You dance and you sing along, not as well as Ads maybe, but you will dance and sing anyway. There are loads of great bands around who are great musically and vocally, but the L13 experience is so full of passion and charisma and you can't help getting involved. Every member of the band plays their part and is fantastic!  It's amazing to see how a wide ranging age group go from strangers at the start of a night to dancing and singing together like old friends by the end..  You really should book them/see them!

Lemonrock reviews

Our Friend.

As you can see, we have some brilliant Professional Pictures from our close friend Louise may @ Louise May photgraphy. Please check her website out by clicking the link below.

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